“Sans Soucie” simply means “without worry”

Service Delivery

Before a support/care package commences with Sans Soucie, a Senior Care Worker/Manager will visit the service user to complete care needs assessment forms, a Manual/Environmental Assessment, (Risk Assessment) form. This applies to both clients – Social Services, Health Authority, Private, Personal Budget, Individual Service Budget (ISF) and Direct Payments.

Social Services & the Health Authority

If the Local or Health Authority commissions the service, a care needs assessment will be done by them and agreed with you. You will also be advised if you are to be charged for the service or the authority will pay on your behalf. They will send us the Assessment for your needs, which assist us to understand your needs before we come to conduct our own Assessment.

After our Assessment, if appropriate a starting date will be agreed. We will then prepare our own Person Centred Care Plan for your care needs which will be part of the Service Package in your home.

Private Clients

If you wish to purchase a service directly from Sans Soucie Home Care, please call us on Surrey 01483 233925, or email us info@sanssouciehomecare.com. We will send you a Schedule of Charges.

A home visit will be required to carry out an initial assessment of your needs to check that these can be safely met in your home. The service proposed would be discussed and agreed, and then a contract will be drawn and signed with both parties, which should be read carefully. If appropriate a starting date will be arranged. This assessment is provided free of charge and without obligation.

Personal Budget

A Personal Budget is granted to those who have been assessed by the Local Authority as having social care needs, depending on their financial circumstances. Personal budgets have been available in England since 2008. Depending on your circumstances, or choice, you may receive your Personal Budget either as Direct Payments, or as an Individual Service Fund (ISF).

Individual Service Budgets (ISF)

An individual budget is similar to a personal budget, except it is made up of other sources like the Independent Living Fund (ILF), which was granted to those with severe disabilities who are living within their community and staying at home.

Direct Payments

Direct Payments are a Government initiative allowing individuals who have been assessed and require social services to purchase their own care and support and will be allocated a personal budget.

By choosing to take your Personal Budget as Direct Payments, this enables you to have choice and control over how and when your money is spent but as a general rule; it must be spent on services and/or equipment that meet your needs for care and support based on your assessment. Sans Soucie Home Care can develop a Personal Support Plan with you, ensuring that your needs and wishes are met.

Equal opportunities

Regardless of your method of payment at Sans Soucie Home Care we treat every client with the same high quality standards of care and support. If you need further advice regarding which payment method is the best option for you then please contact us.