SUCCESS STORY 1 – Our support is Out-Come Based .

CF has given consent in sharing his success story.

CF Age was 22, Diagnosis: Asperger’s, Depression and Moderate Learning Disability.

  • At the time Sans Soucie Home Care Ltd commenced supporting CF, he had just moved into his own studio flat, from supported living accommodation which had failed to meet his needs and had an on-going safeguarding concern.
  • CF was working 5 days a week at a Farm in Surrey where he was very unhappy. According to CF, the Farm Management and staff members had no knowledge on how to support and deal  people with disabilities and felt there were very negative drama all the time.
  • CF had very low self-esteem and felt he was being picked on and discriminated because of his sexual orientation.
  • CF was struggling to sustain relationships as he felt judged and lacked the confidence to engage with anyone he liked.
  • CF was struggling with bills and was living from hand to mouth, which in turn was affecting his relationship with his mum as she had to regularly provide him with financial assistance. His benefits and salary could not meet all his financial needs.

WHAT WE DID: How CF was supported.

1. Farm Job Intervention

We contacted and made a referral to EmployAbility so that they could intervene and educate the Farm workers on how to better support CF with his needs. With CF’s permission, we shared information with the Farm. Despite our combined efforts, CF felt he was experiencing more victimisation than support.

2. New Job Search

Our enthusiastic team supported CF to put a CV together and look for a new job. Staff assisted CF with sending CV’s and applying for jobs. When CF received interview invitations, we support CF to prepare for his interviews. We conducted a few role-plays and supported CF on key interview etiquette like:
(i)  What to wear to interviews
(ii)  How to behave in an interview
(iii)  Body language basics
(iv)  How to answer interview questions with clarity
(v)  Asking questions and getting feedback during and after the interview. With our support CF landed his then dream job at NEXT in Crawley where he excelled and was awarded with bonuses and worker of the week recognition. CF went from strength to strength and got an award after a mystery shopper recommended him to his Store Managers as the best shop assistant. Within three months, CF was promoted to the position of floor supervisor on the Home Utensils Floor.

3. Budgeting and Financial Planning

In consultation with CF and his mum, we looked at his income and out goings and discovered that his out goings were the problem. We suggested to CF and his mum that it would be beneficial for CF if he was to move back home so that he can save money until he was in a position to afford a place of his own. CF understood and agreed that moving back home was the only way he could save money. CF was fully supported with the move home including renting a van and packing.

4. Bungee Jumping
CF was supported to participate in a bungee Jump and managed to raise £308 for The National Autistic Society. Completing this challenge gave CF a lot of confidence in his own
capabilities. CF also likes to give back to the community.

5. Modelling
CF was supported in searching for a good and reasonable photographer to take modelling photos as it was a career he was keen to pursue. CF has since been approached by a few clothing stores to model for them on a part time basis.

6. Sky Diving
CF did a Sky Dive to raise money for Cancer Research UK which was a cause that was very close to his heart as he had lost his Grandmother to Cancer.

7. Driving
CF was supported to prepare for his driving theory test. Although CF failed 3 times, he did not give up. With the continued support of our support workers, CF passed 4th time lucky. CF is now learning how to drive and has bought his own car in advance and is just waiting to pass his practical driving test.

8. LGBT Interaction & Participation

We Supported CF to go to gay clubs and safe focus groups so he could have fun, integrate, make and maintain friendships and get his confidence back.

Where we are now and how CF is doing today

  • We are delighted to say that with our outcome-based service, we do not support CF anymore and he is in a happy new job that he loves. With CF’s perseverance and using the skills he had learnt, he is now working as one of the Managers in one of the Major High Street Clothing Retail Outlet in Redhill. As a result, Sans Soucie has in-turn saved the Local Authority money (15 hours a week) which roughly equates to £255.00 per week.
  • CF is now in full-time employment and is no longer claiming PIP benefits which in turn save the taxpayers over £2000 annually.
  • CF is in a very healthy relationship and they are planning to move in together in the near future.
  • According to CF, since he has moved home he has saved a substantial amount of money and he is in a financially stable position where he is now able move out of mum’s house anytime he wishes.
  • CF continues to be in communication with us and we are proud of him and to say that he is one of our very many success stories.